from 1:00 pm // Registration

2:00 pm // Welcome & Conference opening

2:30 pm // Plenary Lecture (Grantley McDonald)

3:30 pm // Break

3:45 pm // Panel Sessions 1 A&B

5:15 pm // Panel Sessions 2 A&B

6:45 pm // Dinner

8:00 pm // Evening Prayer 1541


9:00 am // Panel Sessions 3 A&B

10:30 am // Break

11:00 am // Plenary Lecture (Ian Hazlett)

12:15 pm // Lunch

1:30 pm // Panel Sessions 4 A&B 

3:00 pm // Break

3:30 pm // Panel Sessions 5 A&B

5:00 pm // Plenary Lecture (Karin Maag)

6:15 pm // Dinner

7:45 pm // Lecture-Recital


9:00 am // Panel Sessions 6 A&B

10:30 am // Break

11:00 am // Plenary Lecture (Erik de Boer)

12:00 pm // Round Table Discussion

12:45 pm // Closing

1:00 pm // Lunch

"The schedule/programme may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances."

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Conference programme

Panel Session 1A: The Reformed Theology and Spirituality of Music in the 16th Century

André Bas (Theological Univ. of Kampen): Martin Bucer on Church Music

Hyun-Ah Kim (Theological Univ. of Kampen/The European Melanchthon Academy of Bretten): Music, Piety and Pleasure: Peter Martyr on Musica ecclesiastica

Daniël Timmerman (Theological Univ. of Kampen): Church music and Religious education in sixteenth-century Zürich



Panel Session 1B: Reformed Church Music in the 18th and 19th Centuries


Jacob Fuhrman (State Univ. of New York): Two “old ways of singing”: Hurlebusch and Reading


Jaap Jan Steensma (Univ. of Utrecht/HKU Utrecht Conservatory): Reformed Organ Inauguration Sermon in the Dutch Republic (ca. 1700-1795)


Eszter Göbölösné Gaál (Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary): Hozsanna! - The trends of the Hungarian church music at the turn of the 19th century through a hymnal



Panel Session 2A: Congregational Music in the Reformed Churches: Tradition and Innovation


Martin Jongsma (Univ. of Toronto): The Importance of Congregational-Singing: The Liturgico-Musical Practices of the Canadian Reformed Churches


Samuel E. Tandei (STT Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara/Baylor Univ.): ‘Respecting Tradition – Appreciating Innovation’: Navigating Cultural and Theological Expressions in the Congregational Music of Reformed Churches in Indonesia


Peter van Veen (Theological Univ. of Kampen): Introducing the ‘Gemeente Cantate’: A Liturgico-Musical Experiment in Contemporary Dutch Reformed Churches



Panel Session 2B: Church Music in Dutch ‘Reformed Protestantism’ (Gereformeerd Protestantisme)


Roel Bosch (Protestantse Kerk in Nederland): Psalms (1967), more Psalms (2013), even more Psalms (2021?)


Jaco van der Knijff (Theological Univ. of Apeldoorn): The few hymns of the Dutch Reformed and their roots in the medieval Psalters

Hanna Rijken (Protestant Theological Univ., Amsterdam): ‘O Praise God in His Holiness’ (Psalm 150). The Use of the English Language in Choral Evensongs in the Netherlands

Panel Session 3A: Reformed Church Music in the 17th Century

Lucinde Braun (Univ. of Regensburg): Exploring organ history – Rudolf Wirth’s impact on Lutheran organ sermons of the 17th century


Yudha Thianto (Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights): Singing the Ten Commandments in Seventeenth-Century Dutch East Indies


Eddy Mul (Independent Scholar): Jesu meine Zuversicht: the only consolation of the electress Louise Von Brandenburg

Panel Session 3B: Relationship between the Reformed Practices of Church Music and its Lutheran Counterpart

Daniel Trocmé-Latter (Univ. of Cambridge): Vox populi? Latin Lutheran hymnody in Reformation Basel


Andrea Hofmann (Humboldt Univ. of Berlin): The Genevan Psalter as an engine for interconfessional exchange processes in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation


Görge Hasselhoff (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona/Theological Univ. of Dortmund):  Reformers and their Songs

Panel Session 4A: Reformed Practices of Church Music in the USA: Interaction, Adoption, and the Challenges of Diversity

Emily Brink (CICW) and Chan Gyu Jang (CICW)

Panel Session 4B: The Musical Impact of the Reformed Churches on Catholic, Anglican and other Protestant Church Music, and/or vice versa  

Peter O’Kane, OP (Priory Institute, Dublin/Pontifical Univ., St Patrick’s College, Maynooth): Accidental Ecumenism?: The musical relationship between the Reformed churches and Catholic church music


Abraham van Tonder (Afrikaans Protestantse Akademie/Tshwane University of Technology): Metrical Patterns as Rosetta Stone of Reformation Practices and the Impact on Catholic, Anglican and other Protestant church music


Christiaan Winter (VU Univ. Amsterdam): Pure, honest, sincere church music

Panel Session 5A:  Beyond the Reformed

Freerk Heule (Erasmus School of Philosophy, Univ. of Rotterdam): Hidden Musica Sacra: four Motets by Jean-Philippe Rameau


Gioia Filocamo (Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali di Terni/Univ. of Parma): Music in the anatomical theatre of Padua at the end of the sixteenth century


Arnaldo Erico Huff Junior (Universidade Federal of Juiz de Fora, Brazil): Music, religion, and restlessness in Rubem Alves

Panel Session 5B: Music, Identity and Spirituality in non-Western Reformed Churches

Chia-An (Victor) Tung (Univ. of Toronto): The Onini Bamboo Ensemble: A Reformed Tool to create music and identity for the Musuhapa Siraya movement in Tainan City, Taiwan

Menard Musendekwa (The Reformed Church University/Murray Theological College/Stellenbosch University): Transformation of Music in the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe: A challenge and an Opportunity


Philip Tachin (National Open University of Nigeria): Music, Ethics and Spirituality in the Universal Reformed Christian Church of Nigeria

Panel Session 6A: Reformed Theological Views on Music in the 17th and 18th Centuries

August Moens (VU Univ. Amsterdam): True zeale that in Gods eare doth ring: Reformed theologians on the relationship between music, singing, and sincere spiritual life.


Joyce L. Irwin (Princeton Research Forum, New Jersey): The Pro and Con in Lutheran Citations of Reformed Sources on Music in the Age of Orthodoxy and Pietism


Jan van de Kamp (VU Univ. Amsterdam): Does music stimulate spiritual life? Reformed discourse on music and the affections. The case of Theodor Undereyck (1635-1693)

Panel Session 6B: Music, Liturgy and Spirituality in Modern Reformed Churches

Oane Reitsma (Protestantse Kerk in Nederland): Spirituality of Music in Modern Reformed Liturgy


Jan Dirk Wassenaar (Protestantse Kerk in Nederland/Protestant Theological Univ., Groningen): The Dutch appeal to Reformation liturgy and music: G. van der Leeuw and O. Noordmans on the ‘Liturgical Movement’


Hans Schaeffer (Theological Univ. of Kampen): Liturgy as Ecclesial Practice: A Challenge for Contemporary Reformed Ecclesiology

Hans Fidom (VU Univ. Amsterdam): Reformed Spirituality in Music: Sound and Listening